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Zero SR (2022)

Zero SR (2022)
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Zero SR (2022)
Power & Performance
☰ Standard Battery
Total Capacity 14.4 kWh
Nominal Capacity 12.6 kWh
Range - City 156 miles
Range - Highway 77 miles
Range - Combined 103 miles
Full Recharge Cost £2.78**
☰ Cypher Store Upgrade (£1825)
Total Capacity 17.3 kWh
Nominal Capacity 15.1 kWh
Range - Combined 124 miles
Full Recharge Cost £3.34**
☰ Power Tank (£3349)
Total Capacity 20.9 kWh
Nominal Capacity 18.3 kWh
Range - Combined 151 miles
Full Recharge Cost £4.05**
Charger type Type 2 - AC
Charger Output 3 kW / 3.3 kW* (£160)
Time to full charge 4 hours
☰ 6kW Charge Tank Option (£2949)
Time to full charge 1.4 to 1.7 hours
Average Pence/Mile 2.7**
Equivalent MPG 244
CO2 (off board) 3 g/km
Maximum Power 52 kW (74 hp)
Power Upgrade* 82kW (110 hp) (£1,495)
Continuous Power 40kW (54hp)
Maximum Torque 122 ft lb (166 Nm)
Final Drive Carbon Belt
Top Speed 104 mph
Sustained Top Speed 104 mph
System Bosch MSC
Front Disc/Caliper 2x 320 mm/4 Piston
Rear Disc/Caliper 240 mm/1 Piston
Power Regeneration Variable
Traction control Yes
Instruments Colour TFT
Ignition Coded Key
Riding Modes 4 + 10 custom modes
Alarm/Immobiliser No
Wireless GPS + Cellular
Mobile App Yes
USB Charging Socket x 2
Cruise Control Yes
Heated Grips Optional - £336
Navigation Optional - £260*
Parking Mode Optional - £160*
Headlight LED
Indicators Filament
Rear/Brake Light LED
Front Tyre 120/70-17
Rear Tyre 180/55-17
Seat Height 787 Std 770/810mm
Weight 222 kg/240 kg*
Wheelbase 1450mm
LxWxH 2138 x 820 x 1220
Ground Clearance -
Wade Depth -
Machine Two Years
Battery 5 Yrs Unltd Miles
Licence / Insurance
Licence Class A
Insurance Group Get Quote
* *Cypherstore Upgrade
** **Based on petrol at £1.42 per litre and electricity at 21p per kWh.


Finance from £209.01 per month, subject to status. Apply online or call us for a quote.

Net Cost Deposit Monthly Cost Term Contract APR Final Payment Total Payment Total Interest
£15,790.00 £3,215.00 £209.01 48 Months PCP 7.90% £5,781.00 £19,028.68 £2,952.68

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Zero SR (2022)

Key Specifications
Price/Speed/Equivalent Cost Per Mile
Price Including Grant £17,810
Finance from £209.01 p/m
Top Speed 104 mph
Cost Per Mile 2.7 pence
City 156 miles
Motorway 77 miles
Combined 103 miles
Battery 14.4 kWh + 3.6 kWh
Charge Time 4 / 1.4* hours
Weight 222/240*kg
Ride Height 787 mm
Warranty 2 years
Battery Warranty 5 years unltd miles

The 2022 Zero SR/F

The all-new, 2022 Zero SR is the latest model to share the FST (Fixed Steel Trellis) chassis, which was first introduced for the 2020 model year with the launch of the SR/F.

The SR shares many key attributes of the SR/F, such as the more rigid frame, which accommodates Zero's largest-ever, Z-Force 75-10 motor, uprated Showa suspension, wider front and rear tyres, twin-front 320 mm discs with Bosch ABS and MSC, five riding modes including Custom options, and the very latest, Cypher 3+ operating system, which makes the SR the most adaptable electric motorcycle in the world.

The 2022 14.4+ Power Pack can be wirelessly upgraded via the Cypher Store to deliver a 20% power increase (to 17.3 kWh), which translates to a 187 mile city range or a 93 mile motorway range. This can be further extended with an optional Power Tank, which takes the total capacity to just under 21 kWh.

Peak power and torque are 52kW and 166 Nm respectively, but an optional performance upgrade increases peak power by 58% to 82kW and peak torque to 190 Nm. This also increases the top speed from 104 mph to 124 mph, and unlocks the full feature-set of the Bosch MSC system to include cornering ABS.

Further wireless upgrades available from the Cypher Store include the addition of Park Mode, which provides a very useful, slow-speed forward and reverse capability, and Turn-By-Turn navigation, which uses Bluetooth to pass navigation information from a smartphone to the new TFT display.

The SR comes equipped with an upgradeable, Type 2, 3kW charger which will fully charge the standard 14.4 kWh Power Pack in four hours. If upgraded, the charger will charge 10% faster, which equates to just over 4.5 hours to fully charge the upgraded 17.3 kWh Power Pack. An optional mains (10 Amp) charger is available, which will extend the charging time of the standard 14.4 kWh Power Pack to around six hours or around seven hours for the 17.3 kWh pack.

In addition to the wireless upgrades mentioned above, the 2022 SR also benefits from further charger upgrades giving either 6kW,* 9kW* or 12kW* of onboard charging. Combining all charger upgrades enables a charge time of under an hour for the standard 14.4 kWh Power Pack or an hour and twenty minutes for the extended 17.3 kWh pack.

*requires a three-phase, Type 2 EV charger

Whether in its standard configuration or with one of its many upgrade options, the SR delivers an incredibly responsive, super-smooth, quiet and intuitive riding experience, without the need for a clutch or the drama of countless gear-changes. Never stall again, never miss a gear change and always feel the class-leading torque that only an electric motorbike can offer.

To discover how good a Zero is to ride, please book a test ride and you'll experience why the future of motorcycling is here and in great hands.

Price ex VAT: £14,841.67
VAT: £2,968.33
Total: £17,810.00

OTR Cost: £286.00
The OTR cost includes PDI, number plate & first registration.

A Battery Disposal Fee of £216 applies to 2021 models with a 14.4 kWh Power Pack

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