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Zero - 11kW - Supermoto

Zero FXE Supermoto (11kW) - (2022)
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JAN: £12,440 Location: From £157 p/m
Demonstrator Available BOOK TEST RIDE Key Specifications Price/Speed/Equivalent Cost Per Mile £12,440 Finance from £157.34 p/m 82 mph 1.9 pence Range 100 miles 40 miles 57 miles 7.2 kWh 9.2 hours Height/Weight 133kg 836 mm Warranty 2 years 5 years unltd miles The Zero FXE is an updated and restyled version of the popular FXS supermoto, which offers the same agility and turn of pace, but with cleaner lines and an all-new LED headlight and colour TFT dash.A supermoto is essentially an all-rounder, a bike that can take on the streets, the highways and the trails. It's a bike that never feels out of its depth and gives the rider confidence to deal with whatever challenge is thrown their way. If you could have just one electric motorbike, a supermoto would be it, and as supermotos go, the FXS is very special. The FXE is the street version of the FX dual-sport, with the key differences being 17"r wheels and road tyres, yet it's still a ca..
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