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Zero - Full Power - Sports Tourer

Zero SR/S - (2022)
0% HP on Zero Motorcycles or PCP
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JAN: £20,180 Location: From £252 p/m
Demonstrator Available BOOK TEST RIDE Key Specifications Price/Speed/Equivalent Cost Per Mile £20,180.00 Finance from £252.47 p/m 124 mph 2 pence Range 161/201* miles 82/103* miles 109/136* miles 14.4 kWh + 3.6 kWh* 4.5/5.6 hours Height/Weight 229/249kg* 787 mm Warranty 2 years 5 years unltd miles The Zero SR/S electric motorcycle is the fully faired version of the SR/F, but with higher bars, lowered foot pegs, suspension tuned for long-range comfort, a larger pillion seat and a wider LED headlamp. There are a number of important upgrades too for the Zero SR/S in 2022, which is now controlled by the all-new, Cypher 3+, operating system.Upgrades for 2022 include a completely re-designed Power Pack, which offers options between 14.4 kWh (Standard), 15.6 kWh (Premium) and an upgrade capability on either model to 17.3 kWh. These increases in capacity yield a proportionate improvement in range, which now delivers an impressive 187 city..
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