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30 Mar Why Electric Motorcycles Dominate The 11kW/CBT Class
Ivan Donn 0 1571
The 11kW CBT class is the sweet-spot for electric motorcycles, as they simply destroy their petrol peers in every area that counts; torque, power, acceleration, speed, range, economy and maintenance.Let’s look at these individually: -TorqueThe common..
04 Nov Rising Fuel Costs Influence The Decision to Buy Electric Motorbikes
Ivan Donn 0 1655
This time last year a litre of petrol cost £1.15 and a kWh (or unit) of electricity typically cost 15p. In recent weeks we've seen petrol reach around £1.45 per litre (up 26%), and electricity typically costs around 21p per kWh (up 40%). These change..
13 Jul How Long Do Lithium-ion Batteries Last?
Ivan Donn 0 1837
Overview of Lithium-ion technology?All electric vehicles use the same Lithium-ion chemistry, with the main differences being the size and quality of the cells used inside the pack and the sophistication of it's Battery Management System (BMS). The BM..
15 Mar Do Electric Motorcycles Require a Licence?
Ivan Donn 0 1420
All motorcycles are categorised by speed or power, irrespective of whether they have a petrol engine or an electric motor. As such, they all need to: • Be registered with the DVLA• Display a number plate• Be ridden by a rider with the appropriate lic..
01 Feb Reduce your Vehicle Fuel Costs by Between 80%-95%!
Ivan Donn 0 1925
When we think about vehicle running costs our attention usually turns to fuel consumption, as that's the hit to the wallet we face every time we refuel. Servicing occurs maybe once a year, so that tends to sit at the back of our minds and depreciatio..
20 Jan Best Electric Motorcycle 2021
Ivan Donn 0 4380
So far the 2021 electric motorcycle model line-up is pretty much unchanged from 2020, which is unsurprising given that we're still in January, the northern hemisphere is in deepest winter and most of the world is battling a second or third wave of Co..
17 Dec Electric Kick-Scooters & Electric Scooters, Are They Legal in the UK?
Ivan Donn 1 2261
Kick-Scooters or E-Scooters Electric kick-scooters or E-scooters, which are ridden standing up and need to be pushed off before the motor will engage can be confused with electric scooters. Electric kick-scooters are not legal for use on roads or pav..
25 Nov Electric Vehicles - The Number One Choice in 2020
Ivan Donn 0 1902
So 2030 is now the date when the sale of new, non-hybrid, combustion engined vehicles must cease in the UK, but is that relevant to most people?Strict EU regulation and competition between manufacturers is driving improvements in fuel economy and red..
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