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Zero Electric Motorcycles

Zero - the motorcycle reimagined

What makes the performance of all Zero electric motorcycles so usable is the massive torque that's on tap from the get-go, and how this is kept in perfect balance with power to ensure an instant throttle response, right across the speed range. This transformational riding experience is achieved without the weight, losses and complexity of a gearbox and clutch, or the noise, vibration and emissions of a combustion engine. Zero motorcycles deliver effortless performance without a hint of drama, which simply translates to the greatest riding experience imaginable. Book a test ride now to discover what we mean - you'll be amazed.

11kW models

Zero offers three 11 kW bikes; the new for 2022 FXE and the S road bikes, and the dual-sport DS. Extraordinarily, these models can be ridden on a CBT licence, thus making the remarkable Zero riding experience accessible to the widest possible spectrum of motorcyclists. For 2002 all models benefit from a colour TFT dash, an enhanced Bluetooth interface and a new mobile app.

Zero's 11 kW models are category-killers, with around eight times the torque and up to four times the peak power of their petrol peers, which results in 0-60 acceleration times around three-times quicker.

Just two minutes on any of Zero's 11 kW bikes will prove that they deliver 100% of the brand experience; the effortless, instant and silky-smooth, near silent power delivery, with zero emissions and economy that equates to over 250 mpg.

35kW models

Sitting above its class-leading 11kW range of bikes, for 2022 Zero has just three models in the 35kW class. These include the super-light, off-road FX with its spoke, 21" front and 19" rear wheel, and the dual-sport DSR with its 19" front and 17" rear wheel. The FX remains Zero's only true off-roader, although it's best suited to green laning and flat riding. The DSR is a much more potent version of the DS with 18% more peak power and 48% more torque, which will appeal to those who occasionally want to escape the tarmac and explore tracks and trails.

Full Power models

Zero's 2022 full-power lineup sees the addition of the all-new SR, which is an entry-level version of the SR/F, so shares the same frame, suspension, motor and power pack. For the first time the SR also benefits from Bosch's Motorcycle Stability Control, which can be upgraded to the full MSC suite as part of the optional, Performance Boost pack.

Zero's enhanced mobile app can access the recently announced Cypher Store* to enable OTA (over the air) upgrades to Performance, Battery Capacity and Charging, as well as adding features such as turn-by-turn navigation and a slow speed forward/reverse parking mode. New capabilities will be possible to add in real time, either at the original point of purchase or during the bike's lifecycle.

The 2022 SR, SR/F and SR/S benefit from an all-new, actively cooled Power Pack which will be upgradeable via Zero's Cypher Store to around 17.3 kWh - an increase of 20% on the 2021 battery, despite a marginal weight reduction. With the optional 3.6 kWh Power Tank, battery capacity can be taken up to a massive 21 kWh.

*Launches Spring 2022