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Zero Electric Motorcycles

Zero - the motorcycle reimagined

Power alone does not define a motorcycle, as it rarely has any bearing on its rideability and practicality, particularly when it's delivered at very high revs. What makes the performance of all Zero electric motorcycles so usable is the way torque and power are kept in perfect balance, to ensure an instant throttle response right across the speed range. Without the weight, losses and complexity of a gearbox and clutch, or the noise, vibration and emissions of a combustion engine, Zeros deliver outstanding performance without a hint of drama, which simply translates to the greatest riding experience available. Book a test ride now to become a believer.

11kW models

Whilst all Zero motorcycles produce class-beating torque from the very first rpm, the continuous power output on some models is electronically limited to 11 kW(14.5 bhp), simply so they can be driven with a CBT licence. The riding experience they deliver however, is in a totally different league to petrol bikes in this category, with 0-60 acceleration times at least three times faster. This is not only due to torque figures that resemble litre-class petrol bikes, but peak power of between 33-44 kW i.e. three to four times that of petrol CBT bikes. Consequently, an 11kW Zero is like riding a much more powerful motorcycle and isn't recommended for novices.

35kW models

Sitting above its class-leading 11kW range of bikes, Zero has several bikes in the 35kW class, which require an A2 licence. This category provides a choice of the off-road FX, a more powerful version of the FXS supermoto, the dual-sport DSR, a fully dressed adventure bike; the DSR Black Forest, and the SR streetbike. Torque figures for the DSR and SR models are on a par with 1300cc petrol bikes, albeit that its available from the very bottom of the rev range.

Full Power models

Above the 35kW class, Zero offers two bikes in the unlimited, A licence class; the SR/F streetfighter and the slightly more relaxed SR/S sports tourer. These both share the same steel trellis frame, the massive ZF 75-10 motor, Bosch MSC with adjustable traction control and cornering ABS, and an all-new, aluminium cased, 14.4 kWh power pack which can be charged in just one hour*. The SR/F and SR/S deliver a staggering 190Nm of torque which translates to 0.86 Nm per kg for the SR/F, a figure that surpasses every other production motorcycle in the world.

*Applies to Premium models with the optional 6kW Charge Tank when connected to a three-phase Type 2 charger.