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30 Mar Why Electric Motorcycles Dominate The 11kW/CBT Class
Ivan Donn 0 1571
The 11kW CBT class is the sweet-spot for electric motorcycles, as they simply destroy their petrol peers in every area that counts; torque, power, acceleration, speed, range, economy and maintenance.Let’s look at these individually: -TorqueThe common..
04 Nov Rising Fuel Costs Influence The Decision to Buy Electric Motorbikes
Ivan Donn 0 1655
This time last year a litre of petrol cost £1.15 and a kWh (or unit) of electricity typically cost 15p. In recent weeks we've seen petrol reach around £1.45 per litre (up 26%), and electricity typically costs around 21p per kWh (up 40%). These change..
25 Nov Electric Vehicles - The Number One Choice in 2020
Ivan Donn 0 1902
So 2030 is now the date when the sale of new, non-hybrid, combustion engined vehicles must cease in the UK, but is that relevant to most people?Strict EU regulation and competition between manufacturers is driving improvements in fuel economy and red..
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