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Sur-Ron LBX
Sur-Ron LBX


JAN: £4,495 Location: From £95 p/m
Key Specifications Price/Speed/Equivalent Cost Per Mile £4,495.00 Finance from £95.11 p/m 47 mph 1.1p Range - - 35 miles Removable Battery 2.28 kWh 3.5 hours Height/Weight 58 kg 840 mm Warranty 1 Year 1 Year For well over a year the Sur-Ron LBX has been the UK's most popular electric, off-road bike, and has also brought many new riders into the sport. It's popularity has led to constant shortages and the need to place advanced orders to secure a bike. The lack of competition in this super-light, off-road category is now over, as we're delighted to add the Talaria Sting to our range. Although the Talaria Sting bears a striking similarity to the Sur-Ron LBX, it has a number of advantages, as it's been developed to more than match its rival. Size, weight, power, torque and seat height are very similar, however, the Sting has 19% greater battery capacity, a wider swinging arm and a wider rear tyre to provide improved grip. The Sting also does away with a primary belt (or chain) driv..
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