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Zero - 11kW - Adventure/Dual Sport

Zero DS
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JAN: £14,850 Location: From £180 p/m
Key Specifications Price/Speed/Equivalent Cost Per Mile £14,850 Finance from £180.38 p/m 86 mph 2 pence Range 163/204* miles 78/97* miles 105/132* miles 14.4kWh + 3.6*kWh 11/14* hours Height/Weight 187/207kg 843 mm Warranty 2 years 5 years unltd miles The Zero DS electric motorbike is aimed at people looking for the flexibility to take on a wider range of surfaces and riding environments, and leans more towards a road bias, particularly with the 14.4 kWh power pack. The DS has the same built-in 1.3 kW charger as the S, which will recharge the 7.2 kWh power pack from a standard 13 amp socket in 4.7 hours (95%). With the addition of a 6 kW Charge Tank this can be reduced to just 2 hours (95%).DS stands for Dual Sport, which has been achieved by taking the S chassis and adding an enlarged, 19" front wheel, Pirelli MT60 On/Off road tyres and increasing the travel on the Showa suspension units to 7" at both the front and rear. The DS treatme..
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